A TRAFFIC warden slapping Santa’s sleigh with a ticket, two women shoppers jostling for a bargain at the sales and a couple of Santas facing off.

These photos could have come from last week, but they were actually all taken almost half a century ago.

The vintage pics are from 1970 and show south Essex resident gearing up for the festive season.


There’s plenty of seasonal humour hidden in the gallery, including a photo of a parking attendant giving a ticket to Father Christmas after he parked his sleigh in a busy Southend road.

Another image shows two Santas facing off at a grotto in Southend. It seemed two many bearded-bringers-of-gifts turned up that day to entertain the crowds and only one was needed.


Youngsters who lived at the Nazareth House children’s home in London Road, Westcliff, are also pictured as they prepared for their annual festive party.

The Victorian building had been a refuge for children since 1873. It started off as mainly a home for orphaned boys but by 1970 young girls lived there too.

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