A COMMUNITY is preparing to stage one last attempt to save a former pub from development.

Plans to convert the Admiral Jellicoe pub into 40 homes and added shops are recommended for approval by Castle Point Council officers.

But councillors and residents say they must rally together to stop the development, in High Street, Canvey.

Jan Payne, Canvey Independent councillor for Canvey South said she would vote against the plans.

She added: “I would encourage as many residents as possible go to the meeting and show their feelings against these plans.

“I think the residents can apply to the council’s planning department to speak at the meeting and air their views before the committee.

“I would also recommend residents put up a fight against the development, especially people living nearby who will be affected by it.

“I know other councillors have been speaking with residents about their concerns and I do not think these plans should be approved at all.

“I think it’s all wrong for this area - there are already issues with parking and congestion around the nearby junction.”

Residents have echoed Mrs Payne’s concerns and are joining her calls for a fight against the development.

Sheridan Sayer, 62, from Canvey said: “I want to encourage as many people as possible to fight these plans as we do not have the infrastructure on the island.

“I do think residents need to get together and fight and I do not think it is appropriate for the site. I am surprised the council is recommending to approve the plans. I do not think residents on the island are happy about it at all.”

The demolition of the Admiral Jellicoe has long been a contentious issue.

The pub closed suddenly in March 2017 when a sign was put in the window saying it was closed for refurbishment.

There were hopes it could re-open, but these were dashed when the then-owner Ei Publican Partnerships confirmed the pub would be closed permanently.

It was bought later for £1.1million by Branch Company Ltd, who were contacted for comment. A notice was then put up including plans to demolish the pub, until it was revealed owners would need planning permission to do so.

The meeting is tomorrow at the council offices in Kiln Road, Benfleet.