FISHERMEN have welcomed the news a beloved lake will re-open for the new year, following the death of 100 fish last summer.

The Environment Agency closed Canvey Lake to carry out an investigation on the sudden death of the fish, which revealed the probable cause as poor water quality or fish disease, such as Koi herpes (KHV).

A spokesperson for Canvey Town Council confirmed the lake would be open for use again on January 3.

A statement on Canvey Town Council’s website reads: “The Town Council’s Community Warden continues to attend the site daily, walking banks and observing the fish stock where possible.”

Ray Howard, Canvey town councillor, said: “I have been past the lake several times lately and I have got to say it’s looking great.

“I’ve never seen it looking so well in all my life of living on Canvey.

“People will be pleased to be able to fish again at the lake which so many people enjoy throughout the season.”

Steven Walsh, 62, from Leigh, was excited to go back to the lake, which he praised for bringing the community together.

He said: “Canvey Lake is absolutely brilliant. It’s free and a nice place for the youngsters and families to come and fish.

“It’s a good crowd over there - we’re like a nice little community who come together.

“I’m really pleased it’s opening again I just hope the council start to maintain it properly.

“It needs to be pumped and properly oxygenated.

“I think it would benefit from being taken over by a club but no one has stepped forward to do it. I’m really looking forward to fishing over there again.

“I’ve missed it a lot since it was closed in the summer.”

Jay Blissett, Canvey town councillor, added: “A lot of people use that lake, and lots of kids learnt to fish over there.

“It’s good news for people who use it.

“The town council’s community warden, Adele, puts a lot of hard work into making sure all these things are monitored and fit to be used.

“The lake is constantly being tested because of the virus as it is a regular occurrence with the water.”