A COUPLE have slammed a “scumbag” for violently abusing a cat so badly it lost an eye.

Glenn Calnan and Kaya Marie Davis have taken to social media to share shocking images of the abuse suffered by the black and white cat in Southend.

It had suffered severe injuries to its head during what the couple believe to be a series of attacks.

Mr Calnan and Miss Davis, who live in Southend and already own two other cats, had been informed by a friend this cat was suffering abuse at the hands of its previous owner.

Their friend managed to pursude the owner to sell to cat so they could look after her themselves and take it away from the abuse.

In this Facebook post, Mr Calnan took aim at the cat’s previous owner.

He wrote: “A low life scumbag thought it would be okay to torture and neglect this amazing cat.

“From what I heard, he used to bind her legs together. Not only that, I also heard he’d lock her in a safe, not to mention maybe a couple of punches here and there, which I simply hate for anyone to go through for that matter.

“When [we] actually got her, her actual eye, was so badly damaged the jelly of the eye was hanging down her face, so of course the first thing we do is take her to the vets.

“She had her operation for the eye to be removed, however the eye then became infected, because the cat was left in this state for about a week.

“The vet bill ending up coming to over £500, not that it matters as it was more than worth it.”

Mr Calnan said the cat was extremely scared when it was first picked up by them and couldn’t be around people if they were moving fast.

However, the cat is now recovering and will be living with them and their two other cats.

He added: “She was extremely timid, scared of anyone moving too fast, too quick, or too loudly, but once she got used to being in our company and around are friends and family, she become more relaxed.

“She is now happier than ever, with another two girl cats to keep her company.

“I just cannot believe there are people out there who do these kind of things to animals. Thankfully this cat can live a much nicer life now.”