A FAMILY have revealed the terror of watching as a burglar attempted to break into their home as they slept.

Police are appealing for information after an attempted burglary at a home on Canvey.

Luckily, the burglar was unsuccessful, although he did take a break from his exertions to get some refreshment from the outside tap which he then left running.

Home owner Scott Wheeler, 34, of Canvey Road, first became suspicious something had happened as he left his home around 6am for work and noticed a fence panel had been moved.

His partner, Ashley Farrer, 30, who also lives at the address with their three-year-old daughter, said: “After Scott left, he told me to check the CCTV as he noticed the garden tap was on and the fence panel had been lifted up.


“As I looked through the footage, I saw the man and watched him as he lifted up the fence panel, and climbed onto the table to get into the garden.

“He looked through the shed, walked down the other side of the house, then he tried to open all the windows and then the back door.

“He even took a mouthful of water from the tap he then left running. I couldn’t believe it, I was so angry and I was shaking.

“I called Scott straight away to tell him there was a bloke in the garden and took screenshots of the footage, then called the police.

“Our house is a bungalow and its scary to know he was so close to us and what might have happened had he got in.

“I would urge everyone to invest in CCTV and make sure everything is locked up. If it wasn’t for our CCTV we would have never have known someone was on our property.”

A spokesman for Essex Police, said: “We received reports of an attempted burglary at around 5.40am on Friday, November 30. A man on a bike climbed into the back garden of the property before trying to gain access to the building. He has been described as being 5ft 5ins, skinny, with short dark hair and wore jeans, a cardigan, t-shirt and trainers.

“Anyone with information call Basildon CID on 101 quoting crime reference 42/175071/18.