SOUTH East Essex Friends of the Earth will be telling insurance companies not to insure new homes on Canvey because of the risk of flooding from the sea.

I fail to understand how extra homes on the island will increase the risk of our sea defences failing.

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New homes being built near my house seem much more able to withstand any flooding from the sea or rainfall.

I suspect that the only result of SEEFE will be a rise in all our home insurance policies, if we can find a company willing to insure us.

Colin Letchford
Maurice Road, Canvey

...I SINCERELY thank the South East Essex Friends of the Earth for putting in jeopardy every householder who lives on Canvey to be able to insure their homes.

The illogical argument to only not insure new builds is absolutely ludicrous.

This group must, I believe, live elsewhere. The suggestion that people have to live without insurance is a nasty divisive view and shows the group does not care about those who live on the island.

To suggest that they have to live in fear of losing their homes without any insurance cover or should therefore move to other areas beggars belief.

S Peake
Long Road, Canvey