PLANS for 40 flats at a former pub site on Canvey have finally, and controversially, been approved.

Castle Point Council’s development committee gave the go-ahead to convert the Admiral Jellicoe pub in High Street into homes and shops. The pub was built in the early 1930s.

The majority of the committee voted to give the developer, Branch Company Ltd, the green light, but it was met with opposition.

Canvey Independent councillor Dave Blackwell said Canvey did not need more flats.

Carole Sach, Canvey Independent councillor, also aired her concerns.

She said: “The residents and I are against this plan.

“We feel this is overdevelopment of the site, if the flats were reduced to 20 or 25 the residents might not be so against this development.”

The approval of the plans has been met by anger by residents too.

Ann Ferris, 67, who has lived on the island for more than 30 years blasted the decision.

She said: “I think this is disgusting that this has been approved.

“If it had to be built on, how about a few shops for this end of the island. We used to have a lovely little bakers and a greengrocer just up from the Jellicoe.”

Linda Norton, 65, has been an island resident for 60 years and said: “I think this is absolutely ridiculous.

“That road is a nightmare already, how on earth do the people that pass these things get away with it.”

Rebecca Davidson added: “You’d think that with the amount of housing being built that building a third road wouldn’t be so intellectually challenging.

“Canvey is a disaster waiting to happen.”

Mick Powell, 50, from Canvey said: “40 flats does seem a lot for the plot size.

“I think that 25 to 30 flats would have probably been a more reasonable amount taking into consideration that potentially two cars per home will now mean up to 80 new vehicles needing somewhere to park.”

However, Conservative councillor Chas Mumford told the committee meeting he thought the development was a good design for the site.

On Monday, the Echo reported how the community was preparing to stage one last attempt to save a former pub from development.

Councillors and residents urged each other to put up a fight to stop the new homes being built on the former landmark pub site, they said they would have to fight together to stop the development.

The demolition of the Admiral Jellicoe has long been a contentious issue.

The pub closed suddenly in March 2017 when a random sign was put in the window saying it was closed for refurbishment.

There were hopes it could re-open, but these were dashed when the then owner Ei Publican Partnerships confirmed the pub would be closed permanently.

It was bought shortly afterwards for £1.1million by Branch Company Ltd.

A notice was then put up including plans to demolish the pub, until it was revealed the owners would need planning permission before they could knock it down.