A NEW plastic-free supermarket which is believed to be the first zero waste shop in the country has opened in Leigh and is already proving popular.


The Refill Room offers guilt-free shopping with a range of organic whole foods, plant-based cleaning products and plastic-free beauty items.

Shoppers can also fill up their own containers with dried foods such as nuts, rice and oats.


Gemma Deeney, 36, from Leigh, is behind the new eco-venture.

She said: “There will also be tea, coffee and nut butter machines.

“We’re hoping to also have a nut milk machine as well as toiletries which will be in glass containers.

“We’ve had some excellent feedback so far and some real interest shown online and in person when people come to visit.


The owner added: “It’s been a long time coming but I’m very thrilled with the way it’s gone and that we’’re now finally open.”

Ms Deeney wanted to raise awareness of the issues of plastic waste across the world and show people how a shop can operate without the need to waste any materials.


Eco supporters have been inspired by programmes such as Blue Planet 2 - directed by Sir David Attenborough - to raise awareness of the havoc caused to the environment by discarded plastic which does not bio-degrade and will last for hundreds of years.