A PARK lake is being drained in the search for Jack Morrad.

The partygoer was last seen in Broadhurst Place, Basildon, at about 2.30am on Sunday, December 23 after a day out at the football and a night out clubbing.

CCTV footage of the 28-year-old, taken around that time in Blake Avenue, has been released by police in an attempt to piece together his movements.

Officers, alongside Jack’s family and friends, have carried out an extensive search of the area, including in Gloucester Park and other waterways in the town.

Specialist search teams searched the park and all bodies of water within it at the weekend.


Det Chief Insp Alan Pitcher, Basildon district commander, said: “After prolonged investigations over the past nine days, one of our main lines of enquiry remains that Jack’s movements led him to Gloucester Park.

“We will continue our search for Jack by draining the fishing lake. Night fisherman have stated they heard a man in the area of the lake at around 2am and, to further our enquiries, we need to do a thorough examination of the fishing lake.

“The draining will be led by the Environment Agency, who will ensure that minimum disruption is caused.


“This is not a decision we have taken lightly and I cannot imagine the pain Jack’s family are feeling.

“Their bravery and determination throughout this search has been commendable, and I hope that our ongoing enquiries will give them the answers they need.”

Yesterday, specialist teams from the Environment Agency began using diesel-run pumps to drain the water from the lake in Gloucester Park in partnership with Essex Police.


A large cordon was put in place around the lake while the equipment was set up and pumping got underway.

Water was being pumped from the lake and displaced into a nearby brook.

Fisheries officer Ben Norrington said the drainage would be a round-the-clock operation and that measures were being put in place to protect wildlife and prevent flooding.

Mr Norrington added: “Whatever the police need, we are here to assist them. In the next few days, we may get bigger pumps depending on what depth they want it draining to.

“But we do have to think about mitigating the impact on wildlife and any flood risks down stream and that is why I am here.

“This will be a huge round-the-clock operation and we will be working in shifts so hopefully we can help as much as we can.

“Because there’s really deep pockets of water in the lake, the fish should find those as the water is removed but if we see any stranded fish, we will obviously help relocate them.”

Information on Jack’s disappearance can be submitted at https://bit.ly/2BQlfgI or via 101 quoting incident 262 of December 23.