RESIDENTS are calling on authorities to fix a set of lights at an underpass which have been out for months.

Two street lights on Middle Hall Path in Basildon, which acts as the pedestrian underpass for the railway, have reportedly not been lit for six months.

The route is used by many residents who visit the Asda store at the Eastgate centre.

However, many have reported that the lights do not come on during the night, meaning residents must navigate under the railway bridge in total darkness.

One Basildon resident has called on Basildon Council and Essex Highways to fix the problem as he fears for the more vulnerable people who use it.

He tweeted: “These lights been out for over six months now, and I’ve seen an old couple using torches to walk though.

“It’s right next to Asda and is used by a lot of people.

“It’s pretty dangerous as people need this walkway and wouldn’t want it on my conscious if something happened to someone down there.”

The street lights were introduced following a campaign by councillors in 2013.

Middle Hall Path had built up a reputation for being a bolthole for dealers plying their illegal trade and paraphernalia such as syringes can be found in the shrubbery there.

Kerry Smith, county councillor for Westley Heights at the time, started a petition and lobbied Essex County Council to install the street lights at the former cattle path, which runs underneath a railway bridge and connects Southernhay to Clay Hill Road.

The top of the pathway backs on to Witchards, which had no lighting at all.

However, the path has now reverted to its former state.

The resident added: "It is still not fixed. Basildon Council, be on your conscious if anything happens to anyone down there."

A spokesman for Essex Highways confirmed there was a known problem with the light and it would be investigated.