MINDLESS vandals “keyed” a businessman’s car during a spate of similar incidents across Canvey.

Daniel Debenham, 28, of Little Gypps Road, Canvey, says his vehicles have been targeted three times in less than a month and he is aware of others suffering from yobbish behaviour.

The father-of-one told the Echo: “I had the windows in one of my work vans put it only two weeks ago.

“One of my workers said he left his wallet in the van and it was taken.

“I’ve got a warehouse and a yard but it’s so remote that I’ve always kept all my cars including work vehicles, on my driveway at home, but I’ve still had these incidents happen, and I just don’t know why.

“I was shocked to see kids had keyed the car this time around. I don’t know what they would gain from it, other than possibly showing off.

“There were two boys and they were with two girls so maybe they were trying to show off.

“I’ve never done anything to anyone so I don’t know why this keeps happening.”

“The car they keyed was my personal car.

“As well as the van windows that were smashed in two weeks ago, I’ve also had fish heads and eggs thrown at the cars.

“That’s what promoted me to get CCTV.

“The boys keyed the car on Friday but I didn’t know until I saw the damage two days later. I sifted through the CCTV 30 seconds at a time and there they were.

“I went into the shop just around the corner where they were shown on camera to be heading, and they confirmed there were two boys and two girls in the shop but the owner won’t show me any CCTV footage unless I show him my crime reference number.

“I just don’t know what’s happened to this town.”