A FATHER has spoken out after his family were injured during an unprovoked gang attack at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Three people were attacked outside McDonald’s off Rochford Road, Southend at about 2am on New Year’s Day.

The gang beat two of the people and smashed the van they were in before taking the keys to the vehicle.

The father, aged in his 40’s, said: “We were in the queue for the drive-thru and the people were in the car in front and I think they were having an argument or something.

“I decided to try and go around them and that’s how it all started, I didn’t even say anything or do anything to them.

“I had gone to pick up my daughter and her boyfriend after they had been out for New Year’s Eve, and they wanted McDonald’s.

“The gang punched my van and threw a bottle at the windscreen.

“They then punched me and tried to get me out of the van, I didn’t let them as I know what would have happened.

“They were relentless and my daughter was begging for them to stop.

“They also punched her and left her with bruising on her face.

“My daughter and her boyfriend are feeling very shaken up.”

He said the young couple have never witnessed anything like this before.

The father said the gang threw the van keys around the car park of the restaurant but he was able to get them back.

He said his daughter was taken to hospital the following day but didn’t require any treatment.

He said: “I am angry about what happened and would like to find the people who did this.

“There was no reason for the attack. I am in a bit of pain and am quite sore, I feel as if I have been in a fight.

“I know my daughter and her boyfriend felt quite scared after the incident.”

McDonald’s confirmed the incident and police investigation. Essex Police is now urging people with information to come forward. Anyone with information is asked to call Southend police station quoting crime reference 42/135/19.