A LIFESAVER helped save a man who had fallen unconscious in the street.

The victim had suffered a a serious head injury and was bleeding badly when he was spotted and an ambulance was called.

It is not clear how he came to suffer the injury but the 20-year-old, who preferred not to be named, said he could not believe how many people just walked past.

He said: “I was walking along Southchurch Road around 5pm on New Year’s Day and I could see a man just laying face down in the road, near Sainsbury’s.

“Bearing in mind this is a main road, busy enough for everyone to see. I went over to him straight away and there was blood everywhere and he wasn’t moving at all - I thought he was dead.

“I was scared but I knew I had to stay calm. I was worried about touching him but I put him on his side and called an ambulance straight away.

“I followed their advice, and tried to keep talking to him and see if he would regain consciousness and I eventually saw his finger twitch.

“I just kept talking to him and he slowly began to come around but he was in and out of consciousness and mumbling. I couldn’t make out anything he was saying.

“But I’m not going to lie, I can’t believe how many people just walked past and looked. Not a single person stopped and offered to help, or even asked if the guy was okay.”

The hero’s mother added: “My son just did what anyone would do, I have always brought him up to help others especially in need. I am very proud of him that he may have potentially saved the poor man’s life

“We have been worried sick about him and are hoping he makes a full recovery.” A spokesman for the East England Ambulance Service, said: “We were called with reports of a patient with a head injury. We sent an ambulance and took a man in his 20s to Southend Hospital.”