MORE than £3m is to be spent on replacing Southend Pier's outdated trains.

Council bosses have set out plans to spend £3,250,000 over the next two years to improve the system.

The pier trains were introduced in 1986 with a planned 20-year lifespan.

As a result of their age, replacement parts have now become impossible to source and a replacement system is required.

In documents which went before senior councillors yesterday, it states: "The improvement to the system with replacement trains will enhance the visitor offer and will support growth in overall visitor numbers and satisfaction levels.

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"The trains form part of the evacuation procedure for the pier and are important in providing access to facilities for people with disabilities."

It is likely to take about 19 months for a deal to be struck to deliver the new trains and their infrastructure.

Construction is due to begin during the 2020/21 financial year.

The documents indicate the project will be funded by borrowing.

The plans come as plans for £19m of spending were announced by the cabinet yesterday.

Residents will be asked to find an average of £60 extra next year as a result of a 4.5 per cent council tax rise designed to protect services and make up for Government funding cuts.

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About 1.5 per cent of this will be earmarked to support adult social care.

In total the new budget will mean an extra £6.6million is available for frontline services with the vast majority going on child and adult care.