A multi-million housing development is set to submitted to Southend Council.

Garrison Developments has already built hundreds of homes on the garrison estate in Shoebury.

A planning application is being drawn up for the homes which will replace 172 homes previously approved, but which cannot be built because of fears over flooding.

The Environment Agency would only allow the homes to go ahead if work planned on nearby seawalls offered a one in 200 year flooding event protection but those in the pipeline will offer less than half that.

The new design of flats and houses has living areas raised up from the ground to protect them from any future floods. A video has been created by APS design and shown to ward councillors ahead of the submission.

Shoebury ward councillor Roger Hadley said: “The video is to give people an overall idea of what they are planning for that area. They couldn’t build ordinary housing there. They would have to raise them up above flood levels.

“The Environment Agency won’t allow the developers to build the 172 homes because it would require one in 200-year sea defences. The sea defences now planned will be one in 70 or 80 years.

“We don’t have specific numbers yet but they would be one and two bedroom homes.”

Garrison Developments LLP is also seeking permission to build nine commercial units, a retail unit and a veterinary surgery on land adjacent to Gunners Park and a primary school in Shoebury.

If given the go ahead by Southend Council, the units will be built on land off New Barge Pier Road, opposite Hinguar Primary School.

The 3.2-acre site was previously given outline planning permission as a business park as part of the Garrison development.

However, concerns have been raised they may stand empty. One of three office blocks neighbouring the nearby Sainsburys store lay empty since it was built and the developer was eventually granted planning permission to turn the building into six new houses despite the land being designated for employment use.

Mr Hadley said: “I had a meeting with developers on Friday about the application for the commercial area to ask in view of concerns they would take a fresh look at the site and instead of building commercial buildings they would look at housing. They agreed to go away and look at it. The flooding issue would impact on housing so they will have to discuss it with the Environment Agency whether it would be viable build housing but they have agreed to look at it.”

Harry Chandler, chairman of Shoeburyness Residents’ Association said: “On the face of it it looks lovely. The only snag is there is a lot of difference between architects plans and what happens in practice.

"If it looks like it does in the video it will be a real asset to the town but I’m rather suspicious about it. We don’t know how many homes are planned there.”

Mr Chandler added: “The commercial development is causing the most concern with some residents who consider it is going to affect them because the buildings are quite tall. They will be visible from Ness Road.”

Residents will meet at Hinguar Primary School on Friday at 7pm.