A UNIQUE app which synchronises music with train movements is being launched.

The app will control a basic piece of music, playing in time with c2c train journeys running from Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness.

'A Stitch Outside Time' uses GPS location to respond to the trains movements and exact location, meaning that when the train stays at a certain point, the music will also halt.

It was created by artist and musician Mark Fell, designed to uniquely complement journeys across local boroughs, including through Shoeburyness, Basildon, Pitsea and Benfleet.

The app uses sound synthesis and pattern generating systems, along with generative music technology, designed so you never hear the same piece of music twice.

The music played is based upon the 'tala', from Indian classical music, which Mark describes as evolving, gentle and hypnotic.

The app explores how we perceive and experience time and how time is constructed.

As part of the project, Focal Point Gallery will stage Fell's first major solo show in a UK institution, featuring three new installations.

This exhibition, called 'The Concept of Time in Intrinsically Incoherent', explores Fell's interest in space, time and materiality and takes material cues from Southend's historic Victorian fairground, the Kursaal and seafront arcades.

The exhibition will consist of a transparent maze, which encloses a mirrored room lit by multicoloured lights.

It's positioned to create an infinite kaleidoscope loop with sounds used to create the allusion of continuous changes in pitch.

Mark said: "The app and the installations at Focal Point Gallery come together to compliment one another.

"This project has taken a long time to plan and is quite a large project, so it's a rewarding experience to see it all come together.

"People can expect a strange and sensory experience and to enjoy the light and sound displays at the gallery."

'A Stitch Outside Time' was designed in collaboration with artist Rian Treanor and developer Peter Worth.

It will be launched on January 19, when c2c ill provide half price train tickets from London Fenchurch Street to Southend Central for the opening event of 'The Concept of Time is Intrinsically Incoherent' at Focal Point Gallery, Southend.