This is the moment a mum-of-two from Leigh wowed judges on the Voice at the weekend.

Sarah Tucker, 34, delivered an astonishing performance of Shaun Mendes' In My Blood in the third episode of the new series.

The mortgage broker had said she went into professional singing at 17 but stopped in her 20s to start a family - which was much more important to her than her singing career.

With her partner John and their two children - five-year-old Sienna and two-year-old Joshua - watching in awe back stage, Sarah impressed all four judges who turned around during her performance.

Judge, Will.I.Am was the first to turn his chair, with Olly Murs and Tom Jones following closely behind.

With just seconds to go, Jennifer Hudson also turned her chair which saw Sarah then jumping up and down in excitement.

Sarah chose to go with Jennifer as her coach, who praised Sarah's range.

The Voice 2019 started on Saturday, January 5.

The format of the show is that contestants take part in blind auditions and the judges spin round in their chairs if they want to mentor them.

This year, for the first time, trios are allowed to audition as well as soloists and duets.