AN INSPIRATIONAL young girl has turned her life around to lose more than six stone in two years.

At 16-years-old, Trinity Wills weighed around 17 stone, having faced a constant battle with her weight for years, putting on a stone each year.

She found it difficult to get up from the floor due to the stress in her knees, struggled to find clothes that fit, and had major anxiety issues when out in public.

Now 19, Trinity has lost six-and-a-half stone, dropping from size 20/22 to size 10/12 by cutting out junk food and taking up dancing.

She said things came to a head when she could barely fit into a fairground ride.

Trinity said: “I couldn’t just walk into any shop like my friends could. It made me so insecure and my self-esteem was non-existent. I went to Chessington World of Adventures and whilst there I was on a ride in which the host struggled to close the harness for me.

“I can’t even express my embarrassment, everyone was watching. “Unfortunately a similar thing happened not long after that on the SkyDrop ride at Adventure Island. All these negative things and feelings just kept stacking up until I was indescribably miserable.

“I didn’t want to leave the house and socialise, I wanted to hide behind closed doors at home. I was only 16 and decided I just couldn’t live my life like that anymore.

“I had so much self-hatred, it wasn’t healthy.”

Trinity began the dance exercise programme “Cize”, practising at home where she began to enjoy the effects it had on herself, and has been documenting her progress with videos posted on YouTube.

Now, the Hertfordshire University student wants to inspire other teenagers to develop their self-confidence and love themselves more, navigating the modern world of social media.

Trinity said: “I really regret how much I self-loathed when I was bigger. I should never have felt like that.

“My biggest advice is to show yourself some kindness. You might want to lose some weight but that doesn’t mean you should hate who you are right now.

“I used to be afraid to share myself on social media in fear of negativity or being disliked but now I only care what I feel and what I think. I love sharing my photos because I love being able to inspire other people to do what I’ve done.

“Care and kindness for yourself is key.”