A SCHOOL enjoyed a special visit from some exciting dinosaurs.

The prehistoric creatures delighted children and staff at Lee Chapel Primary School, in Basildon.

There were also educational presentations from the dinosaur experts at the school during the event.

A huge – and scary – T-Rex was running wild around the school and the children loved seeing the life-like dinosaur which roared and moved very realistically.

There were also very cute little baby dinosaurs which had just hatched at the school.

The children were able to get up close and personal with the creatures that visited the school.

The youngsters were all very brave when meeting the dinosaurs.

School staff shared a video and various pictures on the school’s social media accounts.

The visitors at the school also showed children giant dinosaur footprints.

A T-Rex footprint was showed to the children at the school, the interesting artefact helped the young students learn about prehistoric creatures.

The children loved the event and were completely fascinated by the creatures.

As well as enjoying meeting the dinosaurs, all the school youngsters were very keen and eager to learn about the creatures and especially liked the huge T-Rex footprint.