A KIND HEARTED resident is recreating personalised memorial stones she laid in honour of fallen soldiers after they were stolen.

Sharon Baker, 57, from Canvey, is the woman behind the stones and she said she hopes to have them replaced by the end of the month.

She placed the hand-painted memorial stones at the field off Kellington Road, Canvey.

She said: “I am a member of the Love on the Rocks group, which paints stones and leaves them to be found by the community.

“I have started repainting the stones for the soldiers and I am waiting for good weather for a chance to varnish the stones.


“I am not doing it for me or to get any praise or thanks, but I felt it was needed for the fallen soldiers.

“It doesn’t take me very long to paint the rocks, I can get it done quite quickly.

“I researched and found out the names of the 47 fallen soldiers and then painted the stones.

“I know the stones were well appreciated in the community and that families of fallen war heroes were also pleased.

“It was something I thought was needed as it was the 100 year anniversary of the First World War last year.”

She said she believes the stones make people smile when they see them and that was part of her reason to dedicate them to the war heroes from the island.

The removal of the stones has caused fury with islanders.

Peter Grieg, Canvey Independent councillor, noticed the stones were missing when walking his dog in the area.

He said: “I think it is disgraceful that someone has done this.

“Unfortunately we have a situation where some people have no respect for the servicemen and women who gave their lives for us.

“I think the families of people honoured by these stones and trees will agree it’s disgraceful. Nothing gives people the right to do this.

“It’s very important to remember the sacrifices these service people made so we can live the way we do now.”

Tory councillor Ray Howard also slammed the people who have removed the stones.

He said: “How low can these people get.

“I am of course bitterly disappointed to hear of this.”

Sharon hopes they were taken by families affected by war as mementoes and is happy to replace them.