A SCHOOL has admitted removing chips from its menu after they become too popular at lunchtimes.

King Edmund School, in Rochford, has confirmed it has temporarily removed the potato snacks from its lunchtime menu due to the high volume of pupils using the canteen during the two 25-minute breaks they receive.

One student who approached the Echo stated that the change to the menu was the result of a “chaos” breaking out in the canteen queue.

He said: “The school would always sell chicken and chips or fish and chips every Friday which were undoubtedly the canteen’s most popular item. Around 600 to 800 students would pass through the canteen every Friday purchasing chips.

“However, on February 1, within minutes of break time starting, students were grabbing one another, jumping against each other and even shoving each other over just to get to the front.

“Halfway through break, the canteen queue had become somewhat of a riot of students. The following week, it was announced that no more hot food was to be sold on Fridays at all after a Year Seven student had reportedly been trampled on amongst all the chaos.”

The school has strongly denied any fight took place and the menu changes were to better manage an “increasing number of pupils” using the canteen.

A spokesman for King Edmund School said: “We can confirm that although there were slightly higher numbers than normal using the school canteen on that day, there were categorically no students injured or ‘trampled on’ as they waited in line.

"No students attended the school medical room and no-one was sent home because of this.

“We have seen an increase in the use of the canteen on Fridays over the last half-term, including February 1, and, as we have done on previous occasions, have amended the menu accordingly.

“The menu has been amended and currently chips are not available on a Friday, however we anticipate that they will be reintroduced at our next menu review in March.”

The spokesman added: “Students currently receive two 25-minute breaks during the school day, during which they can access the canteen and purchase food.

“They are also able to purchase food from the canteen at the end of the school day at 2.10pm.”

Students can also bring a packed lunch to school.