A MUM of two children who have both suffered kidney failure is pleading for people to join the donor register in a bid to save her daughter’s life.

Ella, 21, and Oliver Wishick, 15, have had kidney failure since birth, but Ella has had more complications throughout her life.

Oliver received a kidney from his dad within the first two years of his life and has lived a relatively normal life ever since.

However, Ella took a turn for the worse when she was 15 and needed a transplant – mum Joanne donated her kidney but unfortunately now, six years on, the kidney is failing with just 11 per cent of it functioning.

It is crucial for Ella to find a match for another transplant otherwise she faces the prospect of being on dialysis every day for the rest of her life. Ella has had to give up work due to her regular symptoms, which include sickness and extreme tiredness.

Mum Joanne, from Leigh, said: “Ella had a really rough year in 2017 with her illness. Even though at one point they were ready to put her on dialysis because she was so ill, she managed to fight through having septicaemia three times but was left with only 17 per cent kidney function because of all the hits her transplanted kidney had from being so ill.

“It was a much better year in 2018 but sadly in December Ella was told her kidney function had now dropped to 11 per cent. Luckily because she had such a good year, they will accept her on the donor list, but as her function is so low they will also get her ready for dialysis.

“Every night she will be hooked up to a machine that will pump fluid into her and then pump it out again. This happens about 12 times a night. There is a very high risk of infection called peritonitis which, untreated, can kill you with in days.

“We really don’t want that for Ella, she’s so young, and should be out having fun and doing the things most 21-year-olds want to do – she wants to travel and see the world.

“But her life is on hold until she gets a new kidney. I know everyone has a sad story to tell these days but this is a sad story that could have a happy ending. Me and my husband are living proof that you can carry on as normal with only one kidney.”

To discuss a living kidney donation, contact Sister Rose Elwell, renal transplant live donor co-ordinator, on 0116 258 4117/07879418287, or email rosemary.elwell@uhl-tr.nhs.uk