When I was pregnant with Sonny Jim there was absolutely no question in my mind that I would breastfeed my baby.

And I was more than prepared to face down anyone who had anything to say about how, or where, I decided to do so.

As it transpired, my boy absolutely refused to take his milk direct from source.

I pumped for months (and if anyone has ever managed to do that discretely then I am in awe!) and actually suffered a kind of grief that I wasn’t able to feed him as I’d wished to.

Yet even now my boy is almost three and the bottles are long gone, reports of how badly some breastfeeding mums are treated still really annoy me.

Earlier this week, it was reported in this paper that when visiting Wat Tyler Park in Pitsea, Christina Curtis was forced to feed her newborn baby behind a makeshift curtain.

The café was closed, so reception staff put a chair at the bottom of a staircase which was not in use at the time and then put up a curtain in case the sight of her breastfeeding her son “offended anyone”.

She was left feeling ashamed and like she couldn’t go anywhere anymore in case she needed to feed her boy.

Honestly. It’s 2019. HOW is a woman breastfeeding her child still any kind of taboo? How are individuals, let alone businesses, not able to handle it?

Basildon Council has since apologised to Christina, but she simply should not have been put in this situation in the first place.

I suppose the only slightly reassuring thing is the rallying of support online from other mothers.There was even talk of a breastfeeding rally there.

How we feed our children can often cause divisions between mums. But I guess, when it comes down to it, no one wants any mum bullied out of feeding her baby – however she chooses to.

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