FIRE crews rushed to a house fire after a towel was left on the oven.

The firefighters were called to the fire today in Sherwood Way, Southend at about 2.22pm.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus managed to extinguish the fire by 2:35pm.

The crews reported that yhe oven had been left on and the heat from the oven caught the tea towel alight.

Crew Manager Mark Blakebrough, Southend Fire Station, said: "The fire was caused by a tea towel which had been left on top of the oven.

"Thankfully the flat had working smoke alarms so the resident was alerted to the fire. Workers nearby also smelt the smoke and made sure the resident got outside of his flat, away from the smoke.

"We urge people to never leave anything on top of your oven, even when it's turned off.

"Also, we know it's easy to get distracted when busy at home, but if you're cooking or pre-heating your oven, always take extra care so that you don't forget about it."

The resident was alerted to the fire by their working smoke alarm enabling them to get out of the house safely.

Essex Fire and Rescue Service offered a free service to install smoke alarms.

For more on the service call 0300 303 0088 or see