MOTHERS and unborn babies were harmed by a midwife guilty of “fundamental failings” in care at Basildon Hospital

Denise Neaves of Southend, is set to be struck off by The Nursing and Midwifery Council for 19 errors.

The most serious involved not sending a mother for a scan despite the midwife being unable to locate a heartbeat for the baby.

She failed to make a safeguarding referral for a mum-to-be with issues of “serious drug use in pregnancy and mental health concerns”.

She also gave patients incorrect estimated delivery dates on multiple occasions, sent the wrong information to the wrong patients and failed to provide appropriate care to those who pregnancies were likely to be more complex due to existing medical conditions.

She was suspended by the Nurse and Midwifery Council (NMC) in 2016 after she admitted the list of errors.

She has been suspended since and is due to be struck off within months unless she appeals.

The failings all took place between January 2012 and April 2014.

John Brookes, chairman of the review panel, said: “Mrs Neaves has not fully engaged with the NMC, nor has there been a material change in the circumstances of her case.

“Given the lack of insight and steps to remediate there is a risk of repetition of the matters found proved in the original substantive hearing and there is a serious risk of harm to patients in Mrs Neaves’ care should she be allowed to practice unrestricted.”

The panel heard that despite it being made clear a striking off order was possible at this latest review, Mrs Neaves, who lives in Southend, had decreased her engagement.

Mr Brookes added: “The panel considered that Mrs Neaves’ actions had led to actual harm to some patients and her actions had the potential to cause significant harm to others.

“We have concluded that Mrs Neaves is liable to put patients at risk of harm, bring the profession into disrepute and breach fundamental tenets given her lack of insight into her failings.

“We have concluded the only sanction that would adequately protect the public was a striking-off order.”

Dawn Patience, Director of Nursing, Basildon Hospital said: “We regret that the normally outstanding standard of care that our antenatal service is recognised for was not consistently provided by a former employee.

"This case refers to a period between January 2011 and September 2014; the midwife in question was referred by us to the Nursing and Midwifery Council and no longer works here.

“Providing safe high quality care to our patients is a key priority and we are consistently monitoring and strengthening the care we provide.”