POLICE were called to investigate after dozens of schoolchildren delighted in tormenting a schoolboy while he cut himself with a knife.

Schoolchildren from Bromfords School and Sixth Form College in Wickford were spotted throwing litter over a bridge while bullying a child who was self harming in the River Crouch.

When members of the public tried to intervene they were then threatened by the students.

In a message from Bromfords, seen by the Echo, a spokesman from the school apologised for the behaviour of the students and confirmed the injured pupil’s school and police had been informed.

The eyewitness, a 26-year-old from Wickford, said: “I noticed one child had climbed over the fence and went down to the river. All the students up top were throwing litter down at him and into the river.

“Two elderly ladies confronted the students, insisting the child got out of the river and the others stopped throwing rubbish. The pupils got very aggressive and ended up getting about five inches away from their faces, I was worried for their safety.

“Whilst under the bridge, the boy had been using a penknife to cut himself and was showing the kids the cuts he made to his arm and wrist.

“The students encouraged him to go back and do it again. It was awful to watch.”

The incident took place on February 7 but Essex Police could not provide any details about what has happened since the incident.

A statement from Deputy headteacher John Edwards, given to the eyewitness, stated: “I am sorry if the behaviour of a small number of our students has fallen short.

“It is very disappointing for me to hear that any of our students are behaving in such a manner, bringing our school into disrepute.

“The action of these few individuals is not indicative of the behaviour of the overwhelming majority of our outstanding students.

“I sincerely apologise you were witness to such behaviour and can assure you that we will be addressing within out assemblies.”

Just days later a student was “knocked out” during an attack at a bus stop.

Officers are also investigating this incident after a boy was struck in the face and knocked to the ground after being approached by four people.

The school, off Grange Avenue, Wickford, was contacted for details but did not respond to requests.

News of the attack led to claims from eyewitnesses about the “completely unacceptable” behaviour of some students.