It would appear Southend Council has found a way of making a purse out of a pigs ear.

They have come up with another stupid idea to waste more of tax payers money by putting a load of decking around the duck pond on the seafront, as well as a load of rusty old metal that would look more at home at a scrap yard.

I ask myself what on earth goes through their minds? It certainly isn't the business of saving money on next years budget.

It's more like spend more of our council tax money to justify putting up it up.

What's more - I agree with the Independents who are trying to stop the Queensway and Seaway projects from going ahead.

They need to account for the money on the Seaway car park to start with and the parking and infrastructure on the Queensway project also needs to be addressed. We certainly don't need another Kent Elms disaster.

K.B.Humphries, Archer Avenue, Southend