A NEW Vegan Pie and Mash shop has opened in Leigh.

The Acorn Pie and Mash restaurant is already pulling in the crowds with its home-cooked all-vegan fayre, including a very popular “steak” and ale pie – with a choice of gravy or the more traditional liquor.


It’s a change of style for the former vegan deli and café, in Leigh Hill, but the recent refurbishment has proved popular – especially with the addition of craft beers from the Leigh-on-Sea Brewery

It is the second resounding success for owners Samantha and James Anderson, who also own the popular Oaktree vegan restaurant in Leigh Road.

James, 38, from Leigh, said: “We opened the Oaktree Restaurant in June of 2013. Initially it was a small sandwich/soup style bistro.

"After a short period of time, we realised we needed to grow to keep up with demand. “Our growth has coincided with the growth of veganism generally and we have loved every minute of it.”

“At the end of last year, we decided to open a second restaurant based in a beautiful 120 year old building that was once Oscars Restaurant.

“It is a mixture of traditional pie and mash with a modern vegan twist.“

Samantha, 37, added: “People seem to want places to sit and eat, rather than buy products. “Its a great space in a great location. We have four main pie options and a daily special. The “steak’ and ale pie - made with seitan - is our most popular by far, followed by our broccoli and cauliflower “cheese” pie.

“We try to have some fun with the special.”

The pies can be washed down with a selection of beers including some from the Leigh-on-sea Brewery.

James added: “Its been a crazy six-year journey to get to where we are. We started with Sam and I, three staff, we now have two restaurants, 36 staff, and nearly 130 covers.

“We are proudly 100 per cent vegan and We are loving the growth of veganism as a whole.”

“As more and more people embrace the change, we hope to be able to evolve and grow with them.

“I would say 50 per cent of our customers are vegan.

“But an equal number are meat eaters that just enjoy good food and something a bit different to enjoy.”