A GRANDFATHER is calling for tougher sentences for knife crimes after his grandson’s attacker avoided prison.

The man, who will remain anonymous, said the attack on his teenage grandson in Rochford devastated his family and he was lucky to come through it alive.

Yet the 16-year-old who stabbed him was able to walk free from court after admitting one count of causing grievous bodily harm with intent - which for an adult can mean a life sentence - and one count of possession of a knife.

The criminal must attend a youth offender panel designed to minimise the risk of reoffending by liaising with agency workers for a year.

The grandfather said the sentence will do nothing to deter further violent attacks.

He added: “How on earth are we going to even begin to reduce such violent and malicious attacks if we do not pass appropriately severe sentences to show we will not tolerate this rise of knife-carrying and stabbings?

“We can certainly thank God our grandson was not killed but the terrible trauma of having a loved one stabbed in his stomach and back will live with our whole family forever.

“The incident was extremely traumatic – seeing him bleed on his parents’ kitchen floor while waiting for an ambulance, the house becoming a crime scene, coming home from the hospital and mopping up their sons blood from the floor and walls.

“All this without knowing if their son was going to live or die. Our grandson will bear physical and mental scars for the rest of his life.”

The attack took place on August 1 outside the boy’s home in Rochford and it is understood the defendant and the victim had been friends until a disagreement.

The grandfather said: “The attacker took exception to something and began baiting my grandson on Snapchat saying he was going to get him.”

The victim was stabbed in the stomach and the back and was rushed to hospital with serious injuries and thankfully made a full recovery, but has been left traumatised.

“My grandson is still very angry about what happened and as a family we have all undergone the trauma of experiencing this terrible incident,” he said.

The grandfather has written to the Attorney General to ask for a review of what he calls a “ludicrously lenient sentence”.

He added: “Something must be done to prevent such lenient sentences for possessing knives and using them.

“The attacker made full admissions and there were no mitigating circumstances.

“He came to my grandson’s house with forethought and malicious intent carrying a knife and could have killed him.

“Surely these types of people should be taken out of society to keep others safe and send the right message.

“The unduly lenient sentence did not fit the crime and on that basis it should be reviewed.

“It cannot be right that he is allowed to virtually walk free.

“Our family’s lives will never be the same after the trauma of seeing him in that state.

“His life has changed and his attitude after seeing his attacker walk free from court has also changed.”