So, as I chattered on about last week, potty training is 'go' with Sonny Jim.

Day time nappies are no more.



Pants all the way.

And it has taken over my LIFE.

Seriously, at the supermarket yesterday I almost asked the cashier if she needed a wee.

I’ve got so used saying the phrase “Have you got a wee coming?” to Sonny Jim, that when I opened my mouth to ask if she had a pen it actually went something like this, “have you got a we-PEN, pen. A PEN. You know, just so I can…” [mimes scribbling in the air]

She looked at me as though I had actually lost the plot.

As did my child sat in the trolley.

And it got me thinking about all the things you can find yourself saying while trying to get a tot to master toilet etiquette.

It’s not enough it almost drives you crazy, you end up sounding crazy too.

Here are some the things that I’ve said in the last couple of weeks…

“That is a super poo! Look how good it looks in the potty!”

“Where are the Detol wipes?!”

“Hand out of your pants unless you got a wee wee coming.”

“Don’t waggle your willy on the window.”

“Stick that willy down and THEN wee.”

“Poo coming?”

“No, Lulu (dog) can’t wee on your potty.”

“Yes, mummy does love your wee wee!”

“No wait! Wipe, remember. We need to wipe!”

“Is that a tiny poo or just a pip?”

“Of course mummy can wee too.”

“Mummy’s a bit big for your potty!”

“Well done, you are a SUPER wee-er!”

“Bye, bye Sonny’s wee.”

“Ah that’s a nice wave for your poo.”

“Where do wee wees go?”

“Wee and then you can have chocolate buttons...”

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