A NEW support group for grieving mothers is being launched by two mums.

ABC (Angel Babies and Children) Social Support Group will meet on the first Friday of every month, from Friday, May 3, at Southend’s Seven Hotel.


It comes after Ashingdon’s Emma Cox and Southend’s Lynsey Garrick were drawn together following the loss of their sons, James Garrick and Alfie Cox.

Mrs Cox, 39, who is also mum to sons Jamie, eight, and Eden, one, organised the super successful Alfie’s Ball at the Arlington Rooms, in Leigh, last year, marking what would have been Alfie’s second birthday. Alfie’s Ball will be held again this July.

The head of maths at St Thomas More School, said: “Lynsey contacted me through my Alfie’s Ball Facebook page - and offered to help.

“It was then from conversations and meetings that we decided to set up a ‘social bereavement group’ for mums who had sadly experienced the loss of a baby or child.”

Lynsey, 34, added: “We felt that what helped us the most was talking to other people who had experienced the same loss. We can compare feelings and situations. Unfortunately, regardless of how supportive friends are, unless they’ve been through the same, they will never know exactly how we feel and the daily struggles we experience.”

Alfie Cox was born sleeping on July 4, 2016, and James Garrick was born sleeping on March 22, 2018, and since then both Emma and Lynsey have kept busy trying to build something positive from their devastating losses.

Both have been involved in fundraising events – raising a combined total of more than £10,000 for Southend hospital.

Their new support group was named after a competition on social media and Alison Lindsay won with the name ABC (Angel Babies and Children) Social Support Group.

Lynsey said: "We wanted to create a social group that bereaved mums could visit and talk about their lost children without awkward silences with others who understand the social stigma some of us face with a glass of something to hand."

Emma added: “The evening will be relaxed and informal. A chance for bereaved mums to meet, talk and share experiences. I’ve found that the biggest help for me is from talking to people who know exactly how I feel. We’re two friendly and sociable mums who feel that there is a strong need for this type of group.”

The group will be held at the Seven Hotel, Clifftown Terrace, Southend, in the conference room.

Emma explained: “We wanted somewhere that was a more social environment rather than a hall somewhere and the Seven hotel kindly have allowed us to use their conference room so that we have somewhere private to meet.”

The group will meet on the first Friday of every month, starting from Friday, May 3, from 7pm until 9pm.

For more information, visit the ABC Social Support Group on Facebook or contact Emma via email emma_2_clarke@yahoo.co.uk

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