A MUM who has been missing with her three-year-old son for months is “ready to come home”.

Ellie Yarrow-Sanders, 26, disappeared with Olly in July in the midst of a family court dispute over the boy with ex-partner Patrick Sheridan, who is in his 40s.


Hearings had been staged in private but Mr Justice Williams has said members of the family, who come from Basildon, can now be identified in media reports in the hope that publicity will produce information.

Miss Yarrow-Sanders has been “underground” since July, according to legal teams, with letters shared on social media by her family stating that running away “was the only way” to protect her son.

She disappeared with Olly in the midst of a family court dispute.

However, The BBC reports Miss Yarrow-Sanders’ sister Maddie Yarrow has now stated Ellie is willing to come home.

She said: “We would like to thank everybody who helped get Ellie’s voice heard, through your shares, comments and prayers.

“Her family would love to inform you all that Ellie and Olly will be coming home.

“She believes that he [the judge] will understand the desperation she felt for her safety, as well as her son’s, was the reason behind her having to run.”

The statement, believed to have been posted on Twitter, has since been deleted.

When contacted by the Echo yesterday, Taylor Aston White, a family friend who has acted as a spokesman for Miss Yarrow-Sanders’ family, said she couldn’t comment on the report.

Patrick Sheridan said relatives of Miss Yarrow-Sanders have been given “every reassurance” she will be protected by the law.

In an emotional plea, he also said he fears he is fading from Olly’s memory and the word despair “doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel”.

Mr Sheridan said the “focus” must remain on Olly.

He said: “Olly’s now been apart from us for seven months.

“We’re constantly asked by friends and family if there’s been any news, and it’s so heart-breaking to have to say no every time, and to worry that as the months go by, we’re fading away from his memory.

“He has been taken away from us and his mother’s family for so long, which must be having a devastating effect on him.

“Ellie needs to have some faith in the justice system.

“Her family have been given every reassurance they could possibly want for her, and yet we’ve heard nothing.”

Mr Sheridan added: “If you have any scrap of information - even if you think it isn’t relevant - please get in touch with the police.

“Even the smallest piece might spark a new lead.”