A FURIOUS resident claims 150 trees have been cut down and nobody will take responsibility.

Louise, 49, has raised concerns for the wildlife in the area after reportedly seeing contractors cutting dozens of trees down, along the footpath between Basildon Train Station and the outside of Asda, based in Eastgate Shopping Centre.


She explained: “I saw a contractor take down dozens of trees when I was walking to the station, I counted the stumps left and there was about 150, varying from over a foot wide to about five centimetres in diameter.

“Many trees that have been there many years have been cut down, I have lived in Basildon for 18 years and the trees were established then when I first moved to Basildon.

“It looks an absolute mess and has exposed loads of rubbish from the undergrowth as well as the six foot fence which keeps people off the railway. It’s like vandalism.

“Birds and other wildlife have been displaced, it’s their habitats and is such a shame.

“I know rats live near to the railway tracks where the trees have been cut down. As their shelter and environment have been destroyed this will make the rats seek shelter in the town and surrounding residential areas, which is the last thing we need.”

Despite the work being carried out a variety of agencies have denied responsibility.

Basildon Council claimed the work was done by Essex County Council.

A spokesman for County Hall checked with the Highways team, who said they did not think it was them, and claimed the land was owned by Network Rail.

Network Rail claimed the work was not on its system.

Louise added: “The workmen are putting the trees into a machine which turns them into wood chips, “I asked them why and they said it’s a haven for drug addicts so they’re landscaping and will plant more.

“They have high-vis jackets on but with no company name, it doesn’t say Basildon Council either.”

Councillor David Burton-Sampson is investigating.