STATE-of-the-art technology is helping a family with health conditions transform their diet... by using their DNA.

The Crowne-Spencer family, from Canvey, were one of the first families to trial the breakthrough app while appearing on BBC’s Inside Out London.

Ex-firefighter, Andrew Crowne-Spencer, 48, and daughter, Charlotte, 19, both have heart conditions.

Charlotte, a keen horse rider, was diagnosed with a hole in her heart at six years old and underwent an operation to rectify it.

Dad Andrew had life-saving surgery and was given an artificial heart valve after tearing his aorta while lifting a car to save someone’s life at work.

Mum Samantha, 44, has a family history of type 2 diabetes and praised the new system for giving her “a new lease of life” after seeing drastic improvements in both the her family’s and her own overall health.

It is being tested by patients with heart conditions, type 2 diabetes and certain mental health conditions.

The clever device, designed by scientists at Imperial College London, works by having a DNA swab taken from the patient’s saliva to be tested for individual food sensitivities. The results are then loaded onto the DnaNudge app which is then synced to a mobile phone or bracelet to scan foods as they shop.

The app will then flash red or green to alert the user whether the food is safe for the individual or not. If the food is not suitable, the app offers a healthier alternative.

Mum Samantha said: “My energy levels are through the roof. I suffer from serious insomnia but I’m sleeping before 11pm, which is rare. I assumed my mood changes were hormonal but I’m not as grumpy and angry.

“I’m singing all the time, which I haven’t done for years. I’m happier, well-rested and my body feels cleaner. I feel like I’m in my twenties again.”

Charlotte, said on the programme: “It will be something my generation will use, especially on the go. I think it’s going to motivate me more to try and stick to stuff that’s healthy.”

The new tech has received backing from NHS bosses who want it routinely prescribed by GPs.