SHOPPERS were left stunned after a brutal fight broke out in front of young children in Asda supermarket.

A distressed customer took to social media to express concern after witnessing the nasty row between two couples.

The fighting began in front of a crowd of shoppers at the store in the Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon.

Witnesses told how it started after one of the women involved “eyeballed” another. A man then became involved and punched another man in the face and then fled the shop.

The worried shopper, who couldn’t believe what they had seen, continued to explain how, once one of the women and the man she was with had left the store, the woman was attacked by a group of teenagers.

Other witnesses who also saw the “disturbing” row reported the impact it had on their children who were scared. It even brought some of them to tears, and a witness said they felt sorry for the child who was with one of the couples involved in the argument.

Customers appeared most unhappy about youngsters having to witness the ordeal, with one advising a mum to take their child down an aisle so they wouldn’t have to see.

It’s also reported that an Asda employee tried to calm down the situation before security intervened, with witnesses describing the scene as “mayhem” and a “free for all” as they watched security guards chasing the teenagers around the store.

Witnesses explained how screaming and shouting from the altercation was hard to ignore.

A spokesperson for Essex Police said: “We received reports of a disturbance at Asda in Eastgate shopping centre in Basildon at about 5.25pm on Friday, March 8.

“We received information that a man walked up to another man and punched him in the face before leaving the store.

“Shortly afterwards the victim and a woman were involved in an argument with a group of teenagers.

“During the altercation, the woman was struck in the face causing no visible injuries.” Anyone with information should call Basildon police station on 101.

An Asda spokesperson said: "We have assisted police with their enquiries."