A Masonic wedding making history worldwide for one Billericay couple

It has probably never happened before – anywhere in world - and may never happen again but Amador and Elena Torrealba chose to tie the knot at Masonic lodge meeting.

Southend Masonic Lodge made the couple's dreams come true with a very special wedding and a night they will always remember.

For, Elena it was also the opportunity to fulfil her deepest wish to honour the memory of her late grandfather, a highly respected Freemason, by getting married in a Masonic Temple.

When her now husband Amador, also a Freemason, asked members of his Lodge Southend which meets at Saxon Hall if it was possible, it started a chain of events that finally led to a glittering ceremony and celebration that combined a traditional Lodge meeting, with a wedding and a spectacular meal afterwards on the evening of March 6.

Traditional Lodge meetings are usually followed by a meal and sometimes wives and partners join in – but there has never been a recorded moment when a wedding followed a lodge meeting.

Elena said: “I know my grandfather Michael would have been so happy. This is what I really wanted, to get married in a Masonic Temple and as I have no family here in the UK the Masons at Southend have made it really special for me.

"Someone told me that I have been married with 45 brothers and their families wishing me well. It’s true and it was a wonderful evening which I will always remember.”

Saxon Hall is licensed to hold weddings and a traditional civil ceremony for Elena, a chef working in Billericay and Amador, a Lloyds Insurance Broker, followed in the main Temple attended by Southend Masons and their partners.

Dennis Baum, chairman of the centre and member of the lodge said: “We were delighted when Amador asked if it was possible to get married in the Temple at Saxon Hall.

"We could see no reason why not and we set about making it a night to remember for both of them. Our members bought a special wedding cake.

“Elena’s mother, her only family member, could not travel here for the occasion and Amador also has no family in this country either, so for one special night we stepped in. The rest really is history – setting what we believe is a new first for Freemasonry.”

For Elena and Amador the story started with a chance meeting at a health store in Alicante, Spain three years ago. It was love at first sight for Amador especially when he learned about their mutual interest in Freemasonry and their love of the UK.

In time they both fell in love and now live in Billericay ready to start their new life after a short honeymoon on the south coast near Chichester.