ELDERLY residents are living in limbo not knowing when they will be met with floods of water outside their front doors after a rainy day.

Sheltered accommodation residents in Felmores Court, in Basildon, have been facing flooding issues for the last decade, but they say they’re no closer to getting the problem fixed by Basildon Council.


Liz Merritt, 72, who has lived alone at her property for seven years, says flooding chaos has been an issued since she moved in.

She said: “The council do what they can but it seems to make it worse. In the seven years I have been here, it has flooded every time it rains.

“The other day the water was right up to my front door – it was really bad.

“Luckily, I can go out of the flat another way near my neighbour May’s flat but some of the others can’t. The council came out and repaired the gutters but it’s made it worse. It seems to have dried up where May is since they carried out that work but not for some of the rest of us.”

“We have been to meetings about this and it is still going on, I am angry.

“The roof needs doing. We were supposed to have a refurbishment to the whole building but that was postponed and we don’t know why. We think it’s probably due to money.”

May Sayonas,78, Liz’s neighbour, has lived in her flat for 12 years. She said: “Some of the residents are well into their 80s and are not well. One of the ladies can hardly get around. I’m lucky I’m still quite agile and able.

“Up to about six months ago, I was in the same position. I’ve been onto the council for quite a few years. They do come along and patch bits up but it doesn’t make much difference.

“I feel sorry for the others, sometimes they have to walk into the water. It’s a disgrace that people have to go through water to get in and out of their properties.

“It’s just so dangerous. Most of us are on our own - I have been on my own for the last four years now.”

A spokesman for Basildon Council, said: “Our contractors, Morgan Sindall, last cleaned the guttering and downpipe at Felmore Court sheltered housing scheme in January 2019 following reports of excess water on the upstairs walkway.

“This problem occurs during periods of excess rainfall due to the layout of the scheme.

“We are working closely with our contractors to provide a detailed update for residents during the next sheltered housing forum.”