THE victim of a horrific motorbike crash has told how it has “taken so much more than my leg”.

Beth Bright, who lives on Canvey, told a court she still lives in significant pain and is constantly exhausted while trying to adapt to her disability.


A keen motorcyclist, Beth was out riding her bike in the Manorway when she was hit Billy Boom who was speeding and showing off by pulling a wheelie.

After being sedated at the scene, she was airlifted to a specialist hospital in London.

She was in the Royal London Hospital for three weeks and has previously told the Echo she could barely move an inch in that time.

She was then transferred to Southend before being moved to a ward at Guys and St Thomas in London where she was fitted with a prosthetic leg.

She has battled through extensive physiotherapy and further treatment to overcome the horrific injuries which included nerve damage and an injury to her wrist which she was told was just as bad as her leg.

In a victim impact statement read to the court at the sentencing of the men responsible, she said she still struggles with pain and adapting to her new life.

She said: “My hand and wrist have not improved so I still need help to put shoes on clothes on. I’m 22 now and still need my parents to do so much for me - it makes me feel useless.

“I’m still waiting to see a specialist as I’m in near-enough constant pain.

“Some activities I’m incapable of doing and some I’m just too exhausted to do as everything takes so much more effort now.”

She told the court she cannot walk on her prosthetic leg all the time and so must use a wheelchair on occasion.

This means she is still unable to leave the house alone.

She described how she has been unable to find a hobby to replace her passion for motorcycling.

The former South Essex College student added: “Feeling so dependant on others is one of the hardest things to deal with as, at 22, I should be able to do things alone.

“This crash has taken so much more from me than my leg. I still hope I will improve in time and hope maybe I will look in the mirror one day and feel good about the way I look with my prosthetic leg.” In the aftermath of the crash, the community rallied and raised £5,000 to help Beth.