We spoke to the Leigh singer who has wowed audiences throughout this series of The Voice.

Last week, she was voted off the show but still has a chance to make the live finals.


Where is your favourite place in Essex and why?

I love Leigh for so many reasons. There is a real sense of community and support here. I love the Broadway and all the amazing places to eat and the lovely shops. I love Old Leigh – the beach, the cockle sheds, the “Cornwall” feel. I love the woods – Belfairs is a stunning woods to visit. I love so many of the local companies and people., and I also adore that view!

What is your favourite Essex story or memory?

I remember when Olly Murs was on the X Factor I felt so proud to be from the same place as him.

When are you at your happiest?

I am at my happiest when I am with my family and children doing something that connects us all. I am also happiest when I am singing. I’d love to find a way of connecting these two parts of my lives more often.

What’s been the best bit of your experience so far on the Voice?

Oh there is so much I am grateful for! The connections I have made, the huge growth I have experienced as a person and a performer, the excitement it created all around me when my audition was aired and the incredible support. I have had moments that will last me a lifetime.

And what’s been the hardest bit about it?

The hardest bit has been the disappointment I have felt from feeling so close but not making it past the knockouts.

To juggle my emotions with my children’s was challenging and any parent will understand that. However I am working through it and there is still a lifeline vote, so I still am remaining optimistic!

I also think it is a fantastic opportunity to teach my children, particularly my eldest Sienna, who is five, about resilience and to show her that things don’t always go the way that we plan and hope, but that there is always a reason and a lesson to be learned. I think that is just as important to teach her as success and aiming high.

Did you ever expect that you would get so far when you first auditioned?

When I auditioned I wanted to get four turns. And I did!

Then I wanted to win my battle. And I did!

I wanted to make the live shows. I wanted to win the whole show. And if the public get behind me, I still could!

So yes, I did hope to go all the way because I am learning to believe that I shouldn’t aim lower to avoid getting hurt. I want to dream big. That being said it still blew my mind when it actually happened!

What is your secret vice?

I love the casino and playing poker!

How did your business the Mortgage Mum come about?

I have been a mortgage broker for four years and initially the Mortgage Mum started as an Instagram handle, a way of separating myself from other mortgage brokers in the online market.

I started doing live videos weekly to tell people information about mortgages and they were really well received and meant I gained a reputation.

People bought into the brand and so we decided to set it up as its own company, focusing on an online service.

We have lots of exciting things planned for the future including offering a platform to give other mum’s the same opportunity I have had to have an amazing work-life balance.

How are you juggling your business with the voice and your family?

This is the beauty of what I do! It can be flexible and work around my family and what my children need. It is a juggle, I am not pretending it isn’t, but it is one that offers me the flexibility of choice. When The Voice UK commitments are busier, I am able to step back as we now have a team of brokers working for The Mortgage Mum who adopt the same approach as me. So it’s worked brilliantly.

What is something people might not know about you?

I am Reiki attuned, I love crystals and wear them in my bra every day and I love to do angel cards. I am also obsessed with the moon and always follow the moon cycles!

What is the best life lesson each of your parents taught you?

That I am loved. Just as I am. That they will always be proud of me no matter what I do. Just because I am me. I have the best parents in the world.

Do you have any regrets?

I don’t believe in regrets. Just lessons to be learned.

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