A WOMAN has written a book on 35 years of living in Leigh - and it’s now been published.

Hazel Lakeland’s first book, Hazel’s Story, tells the tale of the mystery surrounding her grandmother’s death, her near death out-of-body experience, having children, the perplexities of growing up, the deep need for love and to be understood.

Hazel, 66, said: “We never knew what really happened to my grandmother.

“After attempting to throw her daughter out of the window at her house in Leigh, she was taken to a hospital.

“Later, we found out she’d died, but never knew how.

“My grandfather burnt her records and forbid us to speak about her, so to this day it has remained a mystery.”

Throughout the story, the writer consistently makes local links which readers can look out for, including memories from the old town and St Clements Church, where Hazel was baptised.

This was also the key hang out for Hazel and her friends as a place they’d go to “bunk” school.

The cover of Hazel’s Story was created by Peter Vinten, an artist from Leigh.

Hazel, who now lives in Hadleigh, explained: “Leigh is an important part to the story, it’s where I had my childhood, so my heart is there.

“We got the artist to paint my son, whilst standing in front of the sea at Bell Wharf Beach.

“Once I started to write it just started pouring out of me.

“My step daughter had just finished her creative writing degree, so she gave me some pointers along the way and checked over it for me.

“We then got it professionally edited by Alison Shakespeare, who did a brilliant job.”

With it’s nostalgic links to the town, one reviewer, who too lived in the area, said: “I was fully involved with the characters in the book.

“I was there — crying, laughing and remembering my early childhood too.”

l Hazel’s Story is now available on Amazon.