BASILDON’S political parties will be battling to win seats across the borough today. 

Some 14 of the borough’s 16 wards up for grabs. 

Parties’ promises range from making Basildon independent of the county council to building infrastructure and changing traveller policies.

The Conservatives maintain a “commitment to law and order” which will include “getting more police on the streets” as a well as a plan to introduce a new sniffer dog to uncover knives and drugs.

Labour is pledging to make Basildon a unitary authority, independent of Essex County Council and able to govern all local government responsibilities.

The Liberal Democrats promise an end to “petty, playground politics” in the council chamber and to give residents more involvement in the decisions while Green candidates say there would be more devolution of powers to parish and town councillors, and residents, and a continuation of Basildon’s committee system, which they believe to be “more democratic”.

Independents are also standing in a number of wards.

The Green Party

THE Green Party says that a vote for them will put decisions “firmly in the hands of democratically elected councillors, and the communities they represent”.

Their pledges for local government include more devolution of powers to parish and town councillors, as well as residents.

The group also pledges a continuation of Basildon’s committee system, which the party considers to be “more democratic” than a cabinet system in place in other local authorities across Essex.

The party also puts a focus on preserving open spaces and ensuring that planning policy protects the environment.

Road safety is also a priority.

The party’s election statement sets out a vision for a “more equal, compassionate area that protects the vulnerable, provides decent homes, education, and health services for all”.

There is also a pledge to “recognise the right of future generations to be protected from the ravages of climate change and environmental degradation”

Nationally, the Green Party supports scrapping education watchdog Ofsted.


THE Labour party in Basildon has put forward a wide range of pledges, with the largest being to make Basildon a unitary authority which would be independent of Essex County Council and able to govern all local government responsibilities.

The group is also proposing a joint venture to purchase and rebuild Basildon town centre, a freeze on council tax in 2020/21, a reduction of councillors’ salaries, £1million investment into street cleaning and a reversal of the controversial decision to sell land next to the golf course for £1.

The traveller policy in the local plan will also be reversed, there will be opposition to the closure of Fryerns and Vange libraries and a scheme to provide nurseries for two- and three-year olds across the borough.

Another priority for the party is crime prevention, with proposals that include putting streetlights back on throughout Basildon, adding park wardens to parks, installing CCTV and investment in knife prevention programmes.


CONSERVATIVE leader Andrew Baggot said: “We are committed to law and order and that includes getting more police on the streets in addition to those already promised by the police and crime commissioner.

“We are also putting resources into crime fighting with a new sniffer dog which will find knives, drugs and even work across county lines, so not just in Basildon but the wider area of Essex.

“Investment is also going into enforcement, whether it be flytipping or planning law and pride teams will be cleaning up the estates.

“Another key thing is the growth of the economy. We are already setting up an innovation warehouse in Pitsea and have put aside £100,000 for businesses – whether they are start-ups or existing businesses – to improve or make a case for why we should invest in them.

“Extra leisure facilities are important, we already have plans for a swimming pool in Pitsea and we are investigating elsewhere for more swimming and leisure facilities.”

Liberal Democrats

THE Liberal Democrats say the party is committed to ensuring Basildon Council works for the whole borough.

They say they will bring and end to “petty, playground politics” in the council chamber and give residents more involvement in the decisions that are made on their behalf.

The group also pledges to hold the administration to account and “speak up for local people”.

Edward Sainsbury, a candidate for the Billericay West ward on Thursday, May 2, said: “Basildon Liberal Democrats believe we must demand better.

“We demand better representation.”

He added: “We deserve councillors who are active in their communities, who know the issues that are concerning residents.

“Every Liberal Democrat elected will work hard to hold the council administration to account and speak up for local people.

“We must demand better – vote Liberal Democrat on May 2.”

Wickford Independents 

DAVID Harrison, a candidate for the Wickford Park ward, said: “As Independents we are answerable only to the people of Wickford and not to a national political party.

“We oppose the policy of making illegal traveller pitches legal in the proposed local plan, which will have a big effect on the Hovefields area.

“We will fight to ensure adequate infrastructure is provided at the same time as any developments proposed in the plan.

“We will make every attempt to get the CCTV provision for both the Memorial and Nevendon Parks – which was in the 2018 council budget.

“We will work with local people and the council in order to bring out the best in the High Street and market. Wickford was, some years ago, a genuine market town – and we believe that should be the aim once again.

“Healthcare is a major issue and we will encourage the NHS to carry out the promises made for a new and improved health centre in Wickford.”


FOUR people will be standing as independent candidates without any connection to an organised political party.

As well as the Wickford Independents (see right) there will be four candidates vying for residents’ votes on Thursday, May 2.

These will be:

  • Simon John Breedon standing for the Vange ward
  • Pauline Patricia Kettle for the Nethermayne ward
  • Stephen William Nice for the Nethermayne Ward
  • Tony Low for the Laindon Ward