DANGEROUS parking which threatens the safety of the public is set to be temporarily banned in Pitsea.

Parking bosses will target Pitsea Hall Lane from next month after receiving complaints of cars parking near to Pitsea train station, close to the entrance of Wat Tyler Country Park.

A ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ restriction will be put in place on both sides of the road from the entrance of the country park for 114m to the junction with Hazelmere.

The order, put in place by the South Essex Parking Partnership, looks set to continue for 18 months.

Councillors have warmly welcomed the order, having received a number of complaints from residents.

Conservative Luke Mackenzie, who represents the Pitsea South East ward, said: “These measures are definitely welcomed. There’s lots of space for people already to park, there’s no need to park dangerously.

“I’ve seen a particular traffic problem, because the road is busy for its size and, being narrow and thin, this creates a backlog which tails back all the way to the roundabout.

“This problem is affecting not just this area, but the surrounding area too.

“It’s blocking access to Wat Tyler Park, which particularly becomes a problem in the holidays.

“Residents have raised this issue on numerous occasions, with traffic ranging from half an hour to a whole hour in the summer.

“We need this to be addressed; after all it’s becoming a safety issue. We don’t want anyone ending up getting stuck on the level crossing.

“My aim in the future is to implement a feeder road for the traffic to go through.”

Craig Rimmer, also a Conservative member for the Pitsea South East ward, added: “A lot of people have written in about this issue recently, complaining the traffic makes it a pain to drive down there and that they can’t get to and from the station with ease.

“Residents will absolutely benefit form this- public safety and flow of traffic will only improve.”

Mr Rimmer is standing for re-election on May 2 alongside Lib Dem Clare Nice and Labour’s Alexander James Harrison.