Rubbish overflowing from a bin was finally collected after residents spent a month complaining.

A bin was overflowing at the back of the shops at Stacey’s Corner, in Basildon.

The mess was spilling out of the bin and other piles had also been left. Lisa Scher tweeted her frustration at Basildon Council, saying the mess had been left for four weeks. The bin was finally cleared on Wednesday but the excess rubbish remains.

for the past four weeks before they finally took action on Wednesday.

The bin was emptied but the excess rubbish around it remains.

Lisa tweeted: “The skip company emptied the skip but the rubbish left behind absolutely wreaks. The ladies who are in the school uniform shop have complained for weeks too. Poor gals can’t even get passed this rubbish when unloading their deliveries.”

A council spokesman an investigation has been launched, adding: “It is the responsibility of businesses to ensure that their waste is correctly stored prior to collection.”