A MOTORIST was forced to pull over with a burst tire after quad bikers caused chaos on the A13.

A driver was proceeding along the A13 on Sunday evening when he came into contact with a group of bikers and quad bikers driving erratically.

The motorist said the quad bikers were being photographed by people in other cars, and were weaving in and out of lanes and pulling wheelies with no concern for their safety or the safety of others.

The bikers were reportedly not letting cars overtake, forcing them to slow down and were dropping items in the road to disrupt the traffic.

The motorist said: “I had to pull over with a blow out as I believe they dropped objects.”

In September last year, the Echo reported that another quad bike driver had caused problems on the A13 by driving at 70 miles an hour on two wheels for a full mile.

The driver was slammed as “stupid and irresponsible” as he was “risking his own life as well as other motorists”.

Essex Police has consistently warned against this type of driving, saying it its “careless” and urged other motorists to discourage people by reporting it to them.

People in emergencies can call 999 or 101 in non-emergencies.