CONCERNS have been raised over the safety of horses on an “eyesore” piece of land next to Sadler’s Farm roundabout.

Up to eight horses have been seeing living on the small plot of land neighbouring the roundabout, while it has been reported that rubble is being dumped and buried on the land.

Basildon Council had previously served the landowner with a notice of breaching planning consent, in relation to the creation of hardstanding and horse boxes placed on the site.

The RSPCA has stated it is aware of the horses and continues to monitor them.

An anonymous resident wrote to the Echo, as well as Castle Point MP Rebecca Harris, the RSPCA, and Basildon Council detailing concerns.

The letter read: “Please find enclosed pictures of an eyesore beneath an electric pylon at Sadlers Farm roundabout in Benfleet.

“The site is being used as a dump for building rubble. It is being buried and covered up there.

“This has been going on for at least a year that I know of.

“Apart from the appalling state of the place there are about six to eight horses stood in a muddy quagmire of it day in and day out, 365 days a year.

“Is that safe? Is the site legally occupied?”

A spokesman for the RSPCA confirmed that complaints had been made, but due to legal reasons, could not say too much.

The charity added that it believed the rubble is fenced off from the horses.

The spokesman said: “We would like to reassure people that we and other equine welfare charities are aware of these horses and continue to monitor them. The horses do have access to water, hay and hardstanding.

“We are so grateful to people who report suspected animal suffering to us and we would like to reassure people we will always look into and, if necessary, investigate any complaints made to us about animal welfare.

“A lot of the time issues will be dealt with by advice and education and it is not always appropriate to publicise this information for legal reasons.”

Basildon Council confirmed the land is privately owned, and therefore any animal welfare issue is the responsibility of the RSPCA.

Similarly, the rubble is the responsibility of the landowner due to it being on private land.

A Basildon Council spokesman, said: “A notice was served for a breach of planning consent on the land in relation to the formation of hardstanding and storing of horse boxes.

“The landowner is appealing the notice and we are waiting for a decision from the court.”

The council added it could not say more due to this being an “active case”.