A TEENAGE thug who stamped on the head of a schoolboy in a classroom has been told to address his issues.

The 14-year-old appeared at Basildon Youth Court yesterday after taking part in a gang attack on a train before the incident at school.

The boy, who lives in the Southend borough but cannot be identified for legal reasons, admitted two counts of assault following incidents on September 7 and January 22.

Stuart Cowen, prosecuting, said the incident in the classroom saw him force a pupil to the floor and begin kicking him.

Mr Cowen said: “He began kicking him and could be heard shouting ‘if you chat **** about me, you get banged’ whilst the victim was holding up his arms trying to block him.

“He then lifted his foot and with considerable force slammed it down onto his face.

“A teacher managed to get a hold of him and take him to the far corner where he continued to shout ‘he chatted **** about me, he’s gonna get banged’.

“The victim was led away.

“His nose was still bleeding and had swollen.”

The incident on September 7 involved the boy and a group of his friends assaulting a boy on a train near Leigh station by shoving him and kicking him in the groin and other areas.

The court heard the group had been taking pictures and bullying the boy who then tried to take a picture of the gang.

The 14-year-old, and his friends, then attacked the boy.

The victim pulled the emergency lever and informed the driver, and the group were intercepted at London Fenchurch Station by police officers.

Lorna McLeod, mitigating, told the court the 14-year-old was with a carer and had been improving.

She told the court: “The incident on the train he said was self-defence, but he admits it went too far.

“In January, he said he just saw red and assaulted him.

“He is very remorseful.”

Elizabeth Hunter, chairman of the bench, said the assaults were “nasty incidents” and handed the boy a six month referral order, meaning he must see a panel to help him not re-offend again.