A LIMITED edition 007 Thunderbird – previously owned by Jonathan Ross – is now on sale from a Hockley dealer.

Redline Imports, based in Lower Road, Hockley, has the rare 007 model available for just shy of £17,000.


Pristine - the car is on sale from Redline Imports, in Lower Road, Hockley


Previous owner - The car was owned for several years by TV presenter Jonathon Ross

The car was owned for several years by TV presenter Jonathon Ross, who was often spotted nipping around London in the sports car.

With just 700 ever made by Ford, the 2004 Thunderbird model was designed to mirror the car driven by Halle Berry in the James Bond film Die Another Day.

And the car still includes a hint towards it famous ownership, with the leopard print sun visors added by Mr Ross still present in the car.

By the time the car made its way to Redline Imports, it was in drastic need of some tender loving care.

A spokesman for Redline Imports said: “When the current owner received the car it had been stood unused for a time, the cosmetics had suffered and it had an engine fault that has since been rectified, along with a service that he carried out himself.

“The bright work on the outside of the car has been replaced so it’s now as new again and any small defects in the paintwork were professionally corrected.

“The interior needed little more than a good clean but the vendor had all the seats recolonised, he did however retain the tasteful leopard print sun visors Mr Ross had fitted.

“What you now have is a mint, low mileage 30k on the clock, Thunderbird in the very rare Limited “James Bond 007” spec, previously owned by a famous celebrity when new, which is still listed on the V5.

“It is in stunning condition that belies its age, a true ‘showroom condition’. It really does not get much better than that.”

The rare car has had just a handful of owners, with Mr Ross owning the car from new.

And the car is pitched as an opportunity for a member of the public to own a very rare car, with an even rarer backstory.

The firm’s ad reads: “Rare in the US, even more rare in Europe is this Limited Edition ‘007 Model’ 2004 Thunderbird.

“Ford commissioned 700 only worldwide in this special Coral colouring to replicate the car driven by Halle Berry in the James Bond film “Die another Day”.

“The coral colour is apparently the same colour as the Bikini she wore in the film, I know, don’t ask.

“As the title says, this rare and desirable Thunderbird was supplied new from the importers to Jonathan Ross, you can see photos on google.”

The car became hugely popular when it was paired with actress Halle Berry in the 2002 Bond film, and in spring 2003 Ford offered 700 examples of the limited edition 007 Ford Thunderbird to commemorate the first featured appearance of a Thunderbird in a Bond film.

Visit redlineimports.co.uk/listing/ford-thunderbird-007-modelex-jonathan-ross for more information.