A PROUD dad who has vowed to keep his son’s memory alive is appealing for players to join him in Portugal for a football tour in his boy’s honour.

Colin Staines, from Southend, continues to grieve for James Staines, who died at the age of 16 after a scooter crash.


Missed - James Staines died when he was aged just 16

It is believed the former Cecil Jones pupil lost control of his scooter after hitting a kerb in Royal Artillery Way, Southend, in 2006.

Ever since James’ death, his dad Colin has done everything in his power to keep his memory alive.

The 60-year-old said: “Our house is like a shrine to him, we lived together and he was my best mate. I still miss him so much. It was a really hard time when we lost him; I lost my dad around the same time.

“His death was classed as accidental and there were no witnesses, so there’s an element in the back of my head of not really knowing what actually happened.

“He left a mark on so many people’s lives, and he’s always there. We will never ever forget him.”

With this year being the 13th anniversary of James’ death, his family are taking part in various football matches to remember the 16-year-old, who was a massive football fan.

James’ team, Chemico FC, is set to hold a football tour throughout Portugal in his memory.

Colin is recruiting players to join in the tour, which will include three friendly games. The team will travel to Albufeira from May 7 to May 14 this year.

The dad-of-three said: “We’ll be having a kick about playing different Portugal teams on the tour.

“His brother Matthew will be playing and his sister Nicola will be coming to support us. I’ll be playing on and off as well.

“We need people to get involved and help support James. It’s been hard to get as many involved this year.

“James would be proud of everyone playing and taking part. Let’s do this for him.”

As a former Chemico FC player, Colin and a few of his old team are also taking part in the FA Walking Football Peoples Cup Final, at St Georges Park on April 28.

The group have reached the final after beating Norwich 2-1 in the semi-final.

Colin added: “James loved Chemico FC. He’d stand on the line whenever there was a game or tournament, no matter what. He’d have a kick about with the team as well, he really loved football.

“We’re in the final six out of more than 250 teams.”

Every August the family visit the scene where James died, to mark the anniversary of the crash.

His dad, friends and family raised more than £1,200 to install a memorial bench on the grass verge where the crash happened.

In the past, Colin has also devoted his time to fundraising for the road safety charity the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, to help remember his son. Through his fundraisers, he has raised £4,000.

To be a part of the Portugal team, contact Colin Staines on 07711919568.

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