ARMED police appear to have arrested a man in Sutton Road, Southend.

This picture shows what appears to be a male, laying face-down on the ground with his hands behind his back, and several officers pointing weapons at him.

It is believed that two men are involved in the incident.

Danielle Smith, 22, who witnessed the event around 2pm today, said: "I was driving past with my friend and from what I could see there was armed police detaining two men.

"One was inside the black BMW 4x4 with his hands on the dashboard and police were aiming their guns at him, and the other one in the pink top had been detained on the ground.

"It is a little bit worrying - I had children in the back of the car."

An Essex Police spokesman said: "We were called to concerns for the welfare of a man in Sutton Road, Southend at around 11.20am today (Wednesday, April 17).

"We attended and it was reported a man was seen in possession of a knife.

"A man has been detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act."