Residents were rescued from a house fire during a dramatic evacuation.

The house fire started in Rectory Road, Pitsea in a bedroom, yesterday evening.

One witness said: "I am unsure what it was caused by, but some people have said it was caused by someone smoking in the bedroom.

"More than 10 people including kids and adults left the building."

Smoke was seen rising out of one the top windows of the home.

Police and the fire service were spotted on scene. 

Essex Police confirmed attendance to support the fire service.


An Essex Fire Service spokesman said: "When crews arrived they reported that the fire was in the first floor bedroom. 

"Firefighters managed to stop the fire spreading and extinguished the fire by 6:35pm. The cause of the fire was recorded as accidental.

 "The property did not have any working smoke alarms, so firefighter fitting new smoke alarms to each floor of the property before they left."